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Testosterone Decanoate 400mg - Capratest | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Trade Name: Capratest

Packing: 400mg/ml - 5ml


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Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Testosterone Decanoate

Pack: 400mg/ml - 5ml


Innovagen Capratest

Synthetically created and designed steroid with injectable form is a part of Innovagen Capratest. It was derived for athletes and bodybuilders to improve their performance. This is a drug that consists of 400mg/ml of testosterone decanoate. The basic ingredient is testosterone while the decanoate is the ester.


Testosterone is not such a good substance in terms of water solubility. That is why an ester is so needed and as a result it has a better impact on the body. In other words the drug without an ester (as one that is a part of Innovagen Capratest) has a short period of action as for example testosterone does, its effect ends up very quickly.

An athlete or just a person who uses the steroid has to make injections at least every day in order to maintain the desired level of testosterone and to prolong its effect. Since this product is able to improve water solubility, it may slow down the time of steroid’s action. Combination of a testosterone with an ester really prolongs the steroid’s time release. 

Drugs such as Innovagen Capratest and similar to it slow down the release of steroids. An ester is usually added in order to alter the work of steroid. Moreover, the steroid’s half-life may be also altered with the help of an ester.

What should you know about half life? A half life is the time period that is considered to be the halfway point of steroid use. For example, if the steroid has a half life of 12 days, and you injected 300 mg, so 150 mg of steroid stays in your body after 12 days have passed. If an ester has a lot of carbon, the half life will be much longer.


Decanoate is an ester with a long lasting period of action and is frequently compared to testosterone enanthate. Its period of action constitutes three weeks. The second name for decanoate is dodecahydrocyclopenta. It has a chemical structure of C29H46O3. It posesses a hydrocarbon chain that consists of 10 carbon atoms.


It is a well known fact that testosterone is a main male sex hormone. It is also a primary ingredient of Innovagen Capratest. Testosterone is anabolic and androgenic, and it has an ability to improve performance level of athletes.

Side Effects

Innovagen Capratest has a small amount of mild side effects that you can face. It slows down the natural production of testosterone. It may badly influence the immune system, liver and levels of cholesterol. It also increases hair growth on face and acne.

Moreover, this drug can change to estrogen and cause water retention and gynecomastia.

However, testosterone has a small amount of side effects, many of them can be associated with aromatase inhibitors usage.


On the other hand, since testosterone is a basic ingredient of Innovagen Capratest it has a lot of benefits such as:

-          strength, muscle mass, metabolism and stamina increase

-          you may use it during both cutting and bulking cycles

-          it improves the production of red blood cells that in its turn helps during hard trainings. That is because the drug helps to produce more blood oxygenation

-          promotes a fast recovery after strenuous trainings

It is recommended to use Innovagen Capratest in dosage of 500-700 mg per week for men. To make one injection in a week is quite enough.

Testosterone decanoate: combined cycle.

Depending on the goals of testosterone decanoate use it is combined with other drugs.

For a better set of muscle mass decanoate ester is combined with:

- Oxymetholone,

- Nandrolone decanoate,

- Methandrostenolone.

For a qualitative muscle mass decanoate ester is combined with:

- Turinabol,

- Winstrol,

- Oxandrolone,

- Trenbolone,

- Primobolan.


substance Testosterone Decanoate


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