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Cheque Drops - Mibolerone 1mg/ml | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Packing: 1mg/mL - 25 mL

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Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Mibolerone

Pack: 1mg/ml - 25ml


Cheque Drops - Mibolerone 1mg/ml, 25ml

Effective dose: 250-500 mcg

Half-life: 2-4 hours

Detection time: immediately after administration

Androgenic-anabolic ratio: 250/590

Mibolerone aka Cheque Drops is a strong oral steroid derived from nandrolone. This drug is 7.17 dimethylated nandrolone, which shows higher activity than nandrolone. Miboleron has always retained a reputation as one of the most powerful drugs in the world of steroids.

During standard animal tests, it was found that miboleron exerted 41 times greater anabolic activity than methyltestosterone. Androgenic activity was 18 times higher. Also it exerts estrogenic and progestogenic side effects. Usually it was used by athletes during mass gaining courses and for aggression stimulation before training or competition.

Structural peculiarities:

Mibolerone — is a modified nandrolone. It differs by: 1) addition of a methyl group in position 17alpha, which helps protect the drug during administering, 2) addition of a methyl group in position 7alfa that inhibits 5-alpha reductase and the increases resistance to binding of globulin and increases biological activity.

Mibolerone Usage and Results

Cheque Drops were designed specifically for aggression stimulation. And that became the main purpose for athletes and bodybuilders to take this AAS. You have probably heard that almost all AASs have the ability to stimulate or raise aggression, however, if we take into consideration facts, we will see that it is not true at all. A lot of AASs users will feel no raise of aggression while taking some anabolic steroids, and there are a lot of athlete's reviews prove this fact.

But situation changes with Mibolerone administration since you will notice significant aggression stimulation, and whether it will be useful in sport or not depends only on user. If we talk about aggression itself, it is not a harmful feeling.

For athletes, aggression may be a very useful thing, however, it concerns only reasonable users. If an athlete or bodybuilder is aggressive by himself and cannot control this feeling, the use of this drug may just worsen the situation.

Most frequently, this AAS is taken before a workout or competition. Quite common is the use of Cheque Drops month before and at the day of competition to become more aggressive. Some athletes use this drug at the end of pre competitive period in order to become stronger and more aggressive.

For bodybuilders last weeks of workouts are really impossible to bear so they are forced to use some drugs in order to return to normal health conditions. This drug will give strength to those who need it at the end of the pre competitive period. Unfortunately, water retention may occur due to aromatization, but it is not worth worrying in case if other preparation steps were done well.

If we talk about results of the drug use, it is worth noting that the main effect you receive is aggression. In fact, it may be taken as an AAS to spur anabolism since it can really help in such a case. However, since the user takes it every day for a quite long period of time, this dose and intake may evoke some side effects and even health problems.

Androgenic side effects:

Mibolerone is classified as an anabolic, but androgenic side effects are quite possible. They may include oily skin, acne, hair growth on the body and face. Anabolic steroids can worsen hair loss of male type. Some people who are sensitive to its components can replace it with nandrolone.

Women should be further aware of the potential virilizing effects of AAS. They may include deepening of the voice, irregular periods, change in skin texture, facial hair growth, and clitoral enlargement. Mibolerone does not react with 5a-reductase due to its methylation of 7-alpha, and its androgenity cannot be changed by parallel using finasteride or dutasteride.

Testosterone Suppression:

All AASs at doses needed for muscles building, suppress endogenous testosterone production. Without the intervention of testosterone-stimulating substances, testosterone levels return to normal within 1-4 months after the course. Note that long hypogonadotropic hypogonadism can develop into secondary one and will require medical intervention.

Administration (for men):

The effective dose for physique or improvement of physical performance is in the range of 250-500 mcg per day. Some may take 1 mg per day, although this dose may cause side effects.


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