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Innovagen Pentosan

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Innovagen Pentosan

Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Sodium Pentosan Polysulphate

Pack: 200mg/ml - 5ml


InnovagenPentosan (Sodium Polysulfate aka SPP) - is a linear polymer produced from xylan, hemicellulose extracts of vegetable origin (beech wood). SPP – is one of the sulfated heparin compounds. Its anticoagulant effects are reduced, while anti-fibrinolytic and trophic effects are increased. Innovagen Pentosan actively inhibits the development of osteoarthritis of the joints through a range of actions, including:

a) Stimulation of chondrocytes’ metabolism leads to the formation increase of proteoglycans that constitute a healthy cartilage matrix. SPP stimulates synovial fibroblasts, resulting in increased production of hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight, which leads to an increase in the formation of normal synovial fluid viscosity. Increase of fluid consistency and quantity leads to more effective lubrication of joints and strengthen them that reduce the risk of cartilage destruction.

b) Anti-inflammatory activity - SPP exerts an inhibiting effect on all components of arachidonic acid chain. SPP also inhibits lysosomal catabolic enzymes: hyaluronidase, histamine, cathepsin B and polymorphonuclear elastase, which destroy cartilage matrix. SPP helps to preserve the cartilage and eliminates pain and inflammation.

c) Fibrinolysis and Lipolysis - SPP - is strong fibrinolytic that stimulates the appearance of plasminogen activator and promotes disintegration of blood clots and fibrin deposits in synovial tissues and subchondral blood vessels. SPP also removes lipids and cholesterol from synovial and subchondral blood vessels, which may lead to the development of osteoarthritis.

These effects are combined and stimulate the recovery and restoration of the joints. Innovagen Pentosan equally effective in form of intramuscular and intravenous injections. Unlike traditional drugs, the unique effect of the drug Sodium Polysulfate promotes the restoration and recovery of joint health, and in addition it has a robust anti-inflammatory effect.

Innovagen Pentosan - is NOT non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as phenylbutazone, and not corticosteroid medication (all of these drugs have a negative effect on joints with prolonged use). Sodium polysulfate not only eliminates the pain, it directly stimulates the recovery and restoration of the joints.

Anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs eliminate symptoms of osteoarthritis, but cause no effect on the course of the disease. Both corticosteroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs exert a significant inhibitory effect on the biosynthesis of cartilage extracellular basis components, which limits the recovery of joint cartilage.

Innovagen Pentosan is frequently taken for elimination of pain. Experiment has been carried out in rats, canine and equine animals in order to detect the impact of Sodium polysulfate in elimination of joints pain. The drug is taken to eliminate joint pain induced by osteoarthritis illnesses of joints and bones.

Innovagen Pentosan is a half synthetic medication that is available on the market and can be used both in animals and people. Chemical structure of Sodium Polysulphate consists of xylan, hydrogen sulfate and four O-methyl-a-D-glucoronate.

The administering of Innovagen Pentosan as a chondroportective medication promotes the work of cartilage matrix synthesis that makes cartilage between joints or the fluids around raise. As a result of cushioning work of raised material pressure in the joint is decreased and pain is eliminated. SPP also will protect the cartilage material from breakdown and, moreover, stimulate the circulation of subchondral materials in the blood lipids and fibrinolysis.

Studies that carried out in rats in order to detect the impacts of Sodium Polysulphate on bones and cartilage have proven that there was a growth of fluid amount that surrounds the joints and that the skulls and snouts were a little bit changed in form.

Studies carried out in Australia in racehorses have proven that the Pentosan had the strongest effect when applied on the horses before competitions. The drug did not remove all joint diseases but significantly eliminate pain and inflammation when the horses raced.

Tests in canine subjects who suffered osteoarthritis have proven that an intramuscular injection of 3 mg per kg once a week during a month course the enhancement of movement and growth of fluid amount in the plasma indices promotes good movement.

Tests have proven that the growth of fluid amount in those regions that had been influenced by the illness was used in raising the elimination of joint pain and mobility recover. After usage of Sodium Polysulphate, the tests on the proteoglycan byproducts in the joint fluid lower levels were detected, promoting the raised range of motion and improvement of movement.

In 2009, clinical studies in human at Nagasaki University Hospital were devoted treatment of OA in females. Sodium Polysulphate made of beech wood, molecular weight 4000 to 6000 Daltons. Tests have proven elimination of pain in knees while climbing stairs, walking and movement dimension.

Due to the following results, the patients felt an improvement during further months after treatment. More studies in some other countries have proven patients under clinical studies felt elimination in joint pain and rise in mobility after carrying out of double blind study. The results lasted for a couple of months after the studies.

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