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Sorry - Innovagen Nandro Gel is no longer available.

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Innovagen Nandro Gel

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Innovagen Nandro Gel

Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Nandrolone

Pack: 20mg/g - 60g gelled serum


Innovagen Nandro Gel 20mg/g;60g gelled serum

Nandrolone Steroid profile:

Anabolic activity – 150% of the testosterone

Androgenic activity – 30% of the testosterone

Aromatization (conversion and estrogens) – minimal

Toxicity to the liver – very low

Form of administration – gel

Duration of action – 15 days (period of semi-withdrawal 7 days)

Recommended dose – 2-3 times per day at 20mg per dosage.

Detection time – up to 18 months

Suppression of testosterone – medium-high


What is Nandrolone:

Nandrolone is the most popular long-acting anabolic steroid in the world. You may ask why? First of all, that’s because of its high anabolic activity, and, despite this, there are low chances to get any side effects. And that’s really great, isn't it? Then you may ask, what makes Nandrolone so special?

Nandrolone as it is, represents a human testosterone hormone without the 19th positioned atom of carbone. That special modification gives this AAS all the above mentioned benefits. As simple as that.

Innovagen's Nandro Gel is an innovative steroid gel that delivers muscle-building properties to where you apply it. Innovagen's Nandro Gel has become a good option for those who want to use nandrolone without having to inject it. If you use the gel as recommended, it will give your muscles the kind of boost anabolic steroid Nandrolone provides.

Nandrolone effects include: maximizes lean muscle gains, enhances the appetite, provides more oxygen to the targeted muscles, burns fat. And although you get more efficient results with injected nandrolone, if you’re for some reason unable to do injections, Innovagen's Nandro Gel is your best option.


This cream is usually applied to achieve all the same effects as all other injectable steroids are, but without injections. Apply the gel to areas with low body fat to get the most effective anabolic effect. In this way, the drug will need to pass less unnecessary tissues, before it will finally get to your muscles. And it directly affects the efficiency of the drug.

Nandro Gel’s effects include: raise of testosterone level and elimination of low-testosterone symptoms, if there are any. It also burns some fat in the areas where you apply it as well as helps you put on lean muscles.

While applying Nandro Gel on regular basis you will get all the following benefits:

  • Raised Sexual Activity
  • Increased Power Rates
  • Boosts the appetite
  • Muscle Growth
  • Raise of Energy
  • Fat Burn
  • Improving intestinal absorbability of amino acids and other essential nutrients
  • Enhanced Mental Ability
  • Good Sleep
  • Enhanced Immunity (It is used even in people with AIDS)
  • Total health Improvement

Adverse Effects:

Unfortunately, this cream has some side effects. They are almost the same that of anabolic steroids no matter transdermal or injectable. However, there is one peculiarity. Since it is a transdermal gel some users admit skin irritations at the applied site. You will not suffer from it while using injectable anabolic steroids. So, if you notice skin irritations, stop using cream and start administering injectable steroids if it is acceptable for you. But overall, if you follow the above-stated dosages, the risk of developing side effects is minimal.


In order to achieve visible results, you should use 20g per day. It's recommended to divide the dose of the gel into 2-3 intakes. Actually, more cream would be more effective but it is not possible for most of users, because the better part of the cream will most likely remain on the clothes.

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