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Adipolytic 55mg/ml - Slimming Blend | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Trade Name: Adipolytic

Packing: 55.5mg/ml - 15ml


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Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Caffeine, Yohimbine, Albuterol, Nicotine

Pack: 55.5mg/ml - 15ml


Innovagen Adipolytic contains same ingridients as oral Helios in an injectable form designed for mesotherapy style:

50mg Caffeine
2.5mg Yohimbine
2.5mg Albuterol
0.5mg Nicotine

Adipoyltic can be used SC or IM. SC is likely preferred and in a mesotherapy injection pattern, ie. several small volumes across the fatty deposit.

Innovagen Adipolytic is an injectable drug that is frequently used by bodybuilders. This medication has as a base a system that was firstly a special medicinal method that was developed in the middle of 20th century by Dr. M. Pistor.

Innovagen Adipolytic is famous as Helios, fat burner and Non-Surgical Fat Dissolve. Mesotherapy drugs give an opportunity to users to solve their excess fat problems without surgery.

For those who don’t know Mesotherapy is the kind of medical therapy that is based on injections given into the mesoderm (a layer under the skin). The drugs that are used in this kind of medical therapy burn the fat under the skin and contract its cells in the scarpa fascia layer.

It may result in a temporal tough feel at the site of injection and the skin around it. As the result fat is melt and, as it happens when fat is burn during usual weight loss, passes through the blood and is withdrawn by kidneys and intestines.

This therapy presupposes injections of certain amounts of drug one after another beneath the skin surface to burn the excess fat and cellulite, to improve blood circulation and venous drainage.

As for the structure of Innovagen Adipolytic it should be mentioned it is consisted of Caffeine, Albuterol, Yohimbine and Nicotine. To be more precise 50 mg Caffeine, 2.5 mg Albuterol, 2.5 mg Yohimbine and 0.5 mg Nicotine. First two drugs act as fat burners through the androgenic mechanism but these medications act in the specific way.

At the same time Albuterol is a powerful beta-2 agonist that directly and accurately affects lipolysis and this effect reminds the ephedrine's one. Yohimbine hcl is alpha-2 receptor antagonist that is also responsible for fat burn in fact by preventing the activity of various elements in the body.

The total effect lies in explosion of the fat cells and extrication of the triglycerides into the blood making the body to burn fat by its own. Physical activity will raise the withdrawal of these triglycerides by raising the amount of “good” cholesterol in the blood. It also should be mentioned that such an activity is not necessary one, however, it will promote fast fat withdrawal.

The merging of such drugs as Albuterol and Yohimbine in Innovagen Adipolytic exert one more beneficial effect, that is promoting overall fat burn unlike other most medications including phosphatidylcholine cannot do. The unpleasant thing in this therapy is at it was mentioned above is the frequency of injections that is not at all common for total cosmetic surgery.

About half an hour after injections the patient may suffer from skin redness, some burning at the site of injection, or notice a stinging feeling, but as a rule therapy is not painful. Such reactions signaling that the therapy finished successfully. Usually patient does not suffer from bruises. Excess fat is burnt by the body by its own and then is successfully excreted.

The user will notice fat burn results after 2 weeks of therapy even if the injections are shortened to every second day. Significant fat burning effect is noticeable in case of a daily 1 ml dose or with at a dose larger than 1ml every second day. In bodybuilding doses constituting 5ml per day are frequently used. 

However, such a dose is not recommended for administration since Albuterol may exert negative side effects.


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