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Insanabol 210mg - Triple Steroid Blend | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Trade Name: Sustanon

Packing: 210mg/ml - 5ml


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Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Dihydroboldenone, Trenbolone, Testosterone

Pack: 210mg/ml - 5ml


Innovagen Insanabol is a drug that comes in an injectable form and consists of three steroids. Such a combination is a perfect option for beginners and seasons athletes alike. It is recommended to read the information about influences of each ingredient of the drug may exert on you before administering a triple combination as Innovagen Insanabol. Although, for athletes that get used to carry out modern cycles and stacks, it is a nice steroid combination to take for increasing muscle mass and improving performance in general.

Innovagen Insanabol has in its structure 70 mg of Dihydroboldenone, 70 mg of Trenbolone and 70 mg of Testosterone. Each hormone carries no ester.


Testosterone is a well-known steroid with injectable form. There is a great number of advantages that this steroid possesses and thus became so popular among sportsmen. This steroid aims at the libido raise, protection from heart illnesses, improvement of bone density, lean muscle mass increase, help in weight decrease and red blood cell count increase, and some others.


Dihydroboldenone is also known as 1-testosterone. Pharmacological group: anabolic / androgenic steroids

Dihydrotestosterone is a dihydro (5-alpha abbreviated) form of the anabolic steroid boldenone. The substance is also structurally similar to Primobolan (methenolone), except that 1-testosterone has no additional 1-methyl group, which is used to increase the oral bioavailability of the steroid.

The steroid is a strong anabolic with moderate androgenic properties. Standard tests in rats show that 1-Testosterone is approximately two times more potent anabolic than testosterone propionate, keeping the same level of androgens. This gives the anabolic ratio equal to about 2, meaning that the steroid is twice more anabolic than androgen. 1-Testosterone – is one of the most powerful natural steroids that is desired by bodybuilders due to its ability to promote a significant increase in muscle mass without water retention and severe side effects.

Although the substance was synthesized a few years ago, for the first time 1-Testosterone was described in detail in the Western medical literature in 1962. The compound was studied (on a limited basis), but did not become popular prescription drug probably due to lack of financial viability (during this time were developed literally thousands of analogs of testosterone, but certainly not all of them were prescription drugs).

In 2002 the drug was released to the US market as a dietary supplement. Although technically it had questionable legality, the new hormone quickly became very popular, and soon it was followed by the release of numerous imitations of the drug.


Trenbolone - initially, it was used in veterinary medicine to be administered under the skin of cattle. But over time, bodybuilders recognized its unique properties and significant benefits, and it has become a favorite anabolic for many people despite more severe side effects in comparison with other drugs.

Trenbolone - essentially androgenic steroid, which zone of androgen receptor is three times greater than the area of


substance Steroid blend


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INSANE Review by Stephane
Up 10 pounds with only to of these babys !! Pip is moderate but product is on point !! Recommend to all and will be buying more for sure! (Posted on 12/22/2019)

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