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Sorry - PRL-8-53 by Innovagen is no longer available.

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Innovagen PRL-8-53

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  • Innovagen PRL-8-53
  • Innovagen PRL-8-53
  • Innovagen PRL-8-53

PRL-8-53 by Innovagen

Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Methyl 3-(2-(benzylmethylamino)ethyl)benzoate HCl

Pack: 5mg/120tablets


Innovagen PRL-8-53 is a nootropic chemical that in 1978 during one research had shown its ability to exert hypermnesic effects in people. This chemical is a derivative of benzoic acid and phenylmethylamine. It was developed by Nikolaus Hansl, a famous professor of one of the Omaha’s universities, and he was interested in amino ethyl meta benzoic acid esters at that time.

In 1978, the study that was carried out in people (by the way, it was the only study in humans involving this medication), had proven that drug exerts significant effects on memory. All the participants were divided into two groups; the first one was given a drug and the second received placebo. After that, they had to memorize twelve short words. Group that used placebo showed only poor results in memorizing of words.

At the same time, the group that took PRL-8-53 enhanced their performance by as much as 200%, with people who had always been suffering problems with short term memory.

People with such problems with memory in fact achieved more benefits from the medication than those participants who had normal memory. These people claimed that they received an incredible enhancement in the work of their memory; they had passed a test during which they had to name all the words 24 hours later and again 96 hours after the test. People who had strong short term memory could not recollect all the words, thus did not feel improvement of their working memory.

After that study, it was presupposed that people with short term memory problems would get the most of advantages from Innovagen PRL-8-53 use. These advantages include the improvements in short term and working memory. People who have no problems with short term memory may achieve less significant results, but their short term memory may be also improved. A recommended dose of Innovagen PRL-8-53 constitutes 5 mg for most users.

What PRL-8-53 Consists of and How It Is Absorbed

PRL-8-53 is a derivative of benzoic acid and phenylmethylamine. The composite is a benzoic acid methyl ester.  There is no information about the absorption process for this drug, though it is supposed to pass the blood brain barrier.

Innovagen PRL-8-53’s Principle of Action

The main principle of action for this drug is unidentified nowadays, but we can suppose that it partly lies in cholinergic mechanisms. Professor Nikolaus Hansl dwells upon the drug in the Phi Delta Kappan journal and claims that PRL-8-53 improves the response to acetylcholine, and the drug is not a stimulant. The patent for PRL-8-53 points out cholinergic mechanisms.

A study in animals, to be more precise in rodents, had proven that 4mg/KG rose apomorphine (dopamine agonist) rose compulsive gnawing in rats, supposing that PRL-8-53 may be considered as a dopamine agonist. It was also mentioned that there was an enhancement in conditioned avoidance learning.

This drug does not improve amphetamine’s actions in rats and doesn’t appear suppress monoamine oxidase work. The single experiment in human notes that PRL-8-53 improves dopamine release and provokes partial suppression of serotonin.

PRL-8-53 Usage
Nowadays we need more studies to establish the perfect dose for PRL-8-53. The efficient dosage may differ, as the only human study on PRL-8-53 took a single dose of 5mg, but patent data on PRL-8-53 presupposes a dosage range of 0.01-4mg/kg, with a perfect range of 0.05-1.2mg/kg.

PRL-8-53 Side Effects

The LD-50 for such a drug is 800mg/kg in rodents and decreased motor activity has been seen at 100mg/kg in mice. In human studies, the 5mg dose did not cause adverse effects. The patent for PRL-8-53 notes the drug is well tolerated in dogs and monkeys at 50mg/kg.

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