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Cabergoline (Dostinex) 0.5mg/4tabs

Brand: SUN Pharma, India

Trade Name: Caber

Packing: 0.5mg/tab - 4tabs


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Manufacturer: Celon Labs, India

Substance: Cabergoline

Pack: 0.5mg/tab - 4tabs


Cabaser (Cabergoline) is a dophaminomimetic. It stimulates the pituitary dopamine receptors, causes significant and long-lasting inhibition of the anterior lobe hormone's secretion — prolactin.

Historical reference

Cabergoline was synthesized in the 80s. It is produced in the United States and many countries around the world by giant companies, namely Pharmacia, widely known as CABASER and Dostinex.

Pharmacological action

Dopamine receptor agonist. Cabergoline is dopaminergic ergoline derivative, which has long expressed a prolactin-decreasing effect. But how does it work? Its direct stimulation of the dopamine D2-receptor lactotropic pituitary cells. If you take the drug at high doses, which exceed the prescribed doses to reduce the prolactin level in the blood plasma, you risk developing a central dopaminergic effect, which is caused by stimulation of dopamine D2-receptor.


High prolactin level is associated with impotence, infertility and sometimes with gynecomastia. In order to avoid such problems athletes take Cabergoline.

This phenomenon is quite rare and is possibly caused by unusual imbalance of hormones (androgens, estrogens and progestin), and (or) personal susceptibility to the disease. And that’s where Cabaser comes in handy: it can solve the problem of increased prolactin.

One study examined the effect of testosterone enanthate and propionate on men and an increase of prolactin levels after 4 days after injection was observed. The second study showed a 7-fold increase of estrogen figures (it was almost on the same level as in women) in five subjects involved in power sports, which use testosterone and other steroids.


Administration (for men):

If you’re planning to take the drug in therapeutical purposes, it is recommended to take cabergoline tablets for prolactin secretion in a dose of 500 mcg for 7 days. The dose may be taken at once or divided into two or more.

Also, the dose can be increased up to 500 mcg in 3-4 days to achieve the desired physiological response. The most frequently used dose is 1 mg every 4 days, but sometimes 2 mg dose may be also taken. When athletes take the drug with the aim of suppression of prolactin release (as well as in the case of lactating gynecomastia), they most often take the dose that is higher than the level of therapeutic range.

A regular athlete usually starts with a dose of 1mg at a single dose twice in 7 days. The drug is taken for a month, then, if there is such a need, the dose may be increased up to 2 mg per week. In clinical medicine, the drug can be taken for six months or even longer, but the athletes tend to adhere to 4-6 weeks of therapy (combining steroids with different courses models).

It is worth noting that sometimes men take Cabergoline to obtain multiple orgasms during sexual acts. In fact, this effect can be easily explained: during sexual act, the desire is caused by increased production of dopamine in certain areas of the brain.

At the moment of orgasm, there is a sharp release of prolactin, which extinguishes the entire amount of dopamine, so the sexual desire in men quickly disappears. During some experiments, it was concluded that when prolactin is blocked, men continue to have a long-lasting orgasm.

But here’s the thing: dopamine is not discharged and, it turns out that sexual desire does not disappear after orgasm, which is why it becomes possible to have multiple orgasms.

Cabergoline side effects

The most common side effects while taking cabergoline include: headache, nausea and vomiting, these symptoms were present in 26%, 27% and 2% of patients, respectively, in a clinical trial.

Other possible side effects include (but are not limited to), constipation, dry mouth, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, restlessness, loss of appetite, malaise, depression, insomnia, hot flashes, palpitations, hypotension, pain in breast and acne, while nausea and headache were more frequent side effects then other.

Most side effects are directly dependent on the dose, it may be one more reason to minimize the first dose, and then start increasing it gradually. It should be also noted that there have been no cases of deaths caused by overdose, but the list of side effects also includes hallucinations, low blood pressure and nasal congestion. It is necessary to note that in case of an overdose of Cabaser, patients may need additional measures to increase blood pressure.


substance Cabergoline


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