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Aromasin - Exemestane 25mg/30tabs by Teva

Brand: Teva, Canada

Trade Name: Aromasin

Packing: 25mg/30tabs


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Manufacturer: Cobalt, Canada

Substance: Exemestane

Pack: 25mg/30tabs


Aromasin from Cobalt is aromatase inhibitor that comes from the active medication exemestane. Aromasin is very similar to other aromatase inhibitors like Arimidex but it has some characteristics that make it unique. Aromasin is extremely beneficial to any athlete that's taking steroids because it can prevent any estrogen related side effects and water retention. The waiter that it works is by preventing the conversion of steroids into estrogen through inhibiting the process. Estrogen in the body is overall reduced and prevented from binding in certain areas that could cause negative side effects. It's anti-estrogen inhibiting effect is one of the main reasons to use Aromsin but it also carries a major characteristic that's beneficial to a steroid user by containing a slight androgenic nature. This medication actually works by increasing IGF-I production throughout the body helping to boost steroid results by allowing the athlete to produce natural testosterone spurred on by the use of the drug. No other aromatase inhibiting medication can make this claim. The best time to use this medication is up to the athlete ultimately. You can have benefits and post-cycle therapy as well as during a cycle to prevent estrogen related side effects. As a result you can use Aromasin throughout your cycle and during post psychotherapy for an extended period of several weeks to ensure that no side effects occur. The recommended dosage for aromasin is 25-50 milligrams every other day.


substance Exemestane


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