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Fluorobut - Fluorophenibut 250mg/25caps | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Trade Name: Fluorobut

Packing: 250mg/25caps


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ß-(4-flourophenyl)-GABA [Fluorophenibut]

250mg, 25caps


Fluorobut - ß-(4-flourophenyl)-GABA [Fluorophenibut] 250mg, 25 Capsules. Take 1-2 caps one hour before studying or activity requiring mental focus and concentration.


substance Fluorophenibut


Customer Reviews

Love this stuff Review by Devon
Before this I used phenibut HCl mostly. This stuff is so much better. If I dose right and dont wat for 3 hours prior i take 250 mg then 1 hour later I break the pill in half and take 125 mg its perfection. Dose it like baclofen. When I take 500 mg all in one it isn't the same. This is very clean compared to the HCl. Not as stimulating which is great for sleep but the euphoria is better. I get really good workouts on this stuff over HCl too. The next day has an incredible afterglow compared to phenibut HCl. I hope they have this in stock all the time cause I'm going to order every 2 weeks. The price being a bit higher doesn't bother me. This is a super solid product and I wasn't expecting it at all. Have to say I'm very happy with steroids Canada I had no clue what to expect the first time I ordered. Thank you guys 1 million (Posted on 2/3/2021)
F-Flouro Review by Dmitri
Product is solid and is what is what it is period. Shipping is very quick since domestic, products from this page are legit the nootropics I believe even the anabolics. Great product convenient capsule, as long as it is what it says it is that's important as far as what people do or feel that's subjective and shouldn't be on a review. (Posted on 12/22/2019)

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