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Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) 300mg/ml - Decabolin | Apoxar

Brand: Apoxar, Canada

Trade Name: Deca-Durabolin

Packing: 300mg per mL, 10mL vial


Quick Overview

Best For:  Massive Muscle Gains. Serious Strength Increase. Supports Energy and Healthy Joints. Reduces Recovery Time. Increases Endurance

How to Use: Inject 300-800mg once a week. For best results, use for a minimum of 8-12 weeks.

Conversion to estrogen: No, but may increase prolactin level and cause gynecomastia. So, use with Caber. 0.5-1 mg twice a week, 8-10 weeks

Post Cycle Therapy: Clomid 100mg/day for 2 weeks, then 50mg/day for another 2 weeks

Stack with: Winnstrol for lean muscle or Testosterone Enanthate/Sustanon for bulking

Recommendations: Always combine with a suitable diet and exercise program. 


Nandrolone decanoate 300mg/ml - Decabolin from Apoxar is one of the most effective and beneficial anabolic steroids of all time. Most men will tolerate this steroid quite well, and while it benefits the most advanced steroid user, it will be a great steroid for someone relatively new to supplementation. Decabolin carries a relatively potent anabolic rating, slightly greater than testosterone. Effective Dose (Men): 200-600mgs/week (2mg/lb of Bodyweight) Active life: 15 days Cycle: 8-12 weeks


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