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Metribolone 4mg/ml - MetriPlex | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Trade Name: MetriPlex

Packing: 4mg/ml - 5ml


Quick Overview

Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Metribolone

Pack: 4mg/ml - 5ml



Pharmacological group:

Anabolic / androgenic steroids

Androgen Index: 6,000-7,000

Anabolic Index: 12000-30,000

Standard: injectable

Estrogenic Activity: no

Effective dose: 500-750mcgs / day

Half Life: 4-6hours

Drug description: INNOVAGEN METRI-PLEX (METRIBOLONE) is the most powerful synthesized steroid drug known to the day. Its structure is very similar to trenbolone's one, but unlike the latter, it is 17-alpha alkylated. That is why it is much more powerful than trenbolone. Methyltrienolone, as it hardly binds to globulin, exerting its activity in micrograms. For the powerful anabolic effect 0.5-1mg dosage is enough.

METRI-PLEX — is an extremely powerful steroid, its anabolic activity is 120-300 times greater than that of methyltestosterone, and androgenic one — in 60-70 times. In fact, it is methylated version of trenbolone for oral administration.

Structural features:

Methyltrienolone — is modified nandrolone. It differs by: 1) addition of a methyl group in position 17alpha, which helps protect the drug while administering, 2) double bond between carbons 9 and 10, which reduces the binding and slows down the metabolism.

As a result, we get a very powerful steroid with a long half-life and low binding capacity of blood proteins. Methyltrienolone differs from trenbolone with the addition of a methyl group at the alpha-c17. This change alters the activity of the drug, and it cannot be called an analog of trenbolone.

Side effects: methyltrienolone is not aromatized and does not exert estrogenic effect, but it may cause progestogenic side effects that may contribute to the development of gynecomastia, suppression of endogenous testosterone, increase of body fat.

Methyltrienolone (metribolon) is a powerful androgen, so the appearance of androgenic side effects should be expected, among them are greasiness of the skin, acne, hair growth on the face and body. This drug is absolutely contraindicated for females. Since methyltrienolone is alpha-17 methylated drug, it is hepatotoxic to the liver.

The drug should not be used longer than for 6-8 weeks in the form of injections. Methyltrienolone in injectable form is in several times more efficient and also safer to the liver. This is because it bypasses first pass through the liver unlike its oral form. Also, there is a suppression of endogenous testosterone. Without any intervention in the promotion of its production, a natural level will be back in 1-4 months after the course.

In order to reduce the amount of stress put on the cardio-vascular system, it's recommended to minimize the consumption of saturated fats, cholesterol and simple carbs during an AAS course. It's also recommended to consume such supplements as fish oil, Lipid Stabil or similar products.

Recommendations for its administration: Those who want to use this drug, should take seriously its administration. This drug is not for steroid novices. Dosages may range from 0.5 mg to 2 mg per day. For the first time it is not recommended to administrate more than 0.5 mg due to its strong androgenic effect.  

Dosage is strictly individual but if you've never tried this drug, for the first time you should take it a dose no more than 0.5 mg which corresponds to 1/4 ml of solution and very slowly inject it into a muscle.

The drug shouldn't be used for longer than 4 weeks due to its extremely potent effects.

Metribolone is not recommended for women due to its extreme toxicity and ability to cause virilization.

Interesting fact:

It is interesting to know that 11 sportsmen from the Greek national weightlifting team and 4 Greek track and field athletes tested positive with methyltrienolone before to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


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