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Pentanon 250mg - Testosterone Blend | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Trade Name: Sustanon

Packing: 250mg/ml - 5ml


Quick Overview

Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Testosterone 5 ester blend

Pack: 250mg/ml - 5ml


There are many injectable testosterone multiple ester blends that are widely available. Innovagen Pentanon is a testosterone 5 ester blend of 250 mg/ml. The principle hormone in Innovagen Pentanon’s steroid connection is testosterone, thus being a base of a drug. In its structure there are 5 familiar esters, and they are as follows: acetate (30 mg), phenylproprionate (40 mg), isocaproate (40 mg), cypionate (60 mg) and decanoate (80 mg).

Characteristic of Innovagen Pentanon esters’ half-lives:

• Acetate - the shortest half-life, which is about one day.

• Phenylpropionate - half-life is 4 days.

• Isocaproate – half-life is 9 days.

• Cypionate - the half-life constitutes 12 days.

• Decanoate – the longest half-life, 15 days.


The principle of Innovagen Pentanon’s work lies in the reduction of steroids release rate into the body. However, you should remember that an ester does show the anabolic features of a drug. Its goal is just to reduce the length of the drug’s life and its impact on the body.

Innovagen Pentanon is useful since testosterone goes out of the body in just a few hours. As a result, athletes have to administrate injections more often in order to make testosterone function at a needed and steady pace. However, you should not do it since there is a possibility to administrate small injections of drugs as for example Innovagen Pentanon.

The Advantages

Innovagen Pentanon 250 is efficient since it has 5 esters with different periods of action. The acetate ester starts acting immediately just after the injection and then action of propionate follows which is valid for two days and is enhanced by phenylpropionate.

Then cypionate follows and the longest ester decanoate. So that a single injection is sufficient to maintain the smooth background of testosterone in the blood for months and it's very good. Especially for those who do not like frequent injections and for those who administrated Innovagen Pentanon 250 and immediately want to train.

This drug may allow athletes to their goals as AAS do. Moreover, it raises energy and helps athletes to recover more quickly after the training. This is a perfect drug for those who want to increase muscle mass and increase strength.

The Structure


C2H4O2 is a chemical structure of the drug. Its other names are acetic acid, methanecarboxylic acid, ethlic acid and vinegar acid. The release time of acetate constitutes just some days.


The ester’s structure constitutes C9H10O2. The other name of the drug is propionic acid. This drug is effective in stabilization of blood levels. The half life of an ester is 4.5 days.


C6H12O2 is a structure of a drug. Other names of ester are isocaproic acid, isohexanoate and 4-methylaleric acid and its half life constitutes 9 days.


The chemical structure of this ester is C8H14O2. The second name of the drug is cyclopenthlpropionic acid and its release time is from 10 to 14 days.


The chemical structure of ester is C10H20O2. It is well-known as capric acid, nonanecarboxylic acid and decanoic acid. This drug is famous for its time release that is about 30 days.


Innovagen Pentanon side effects:

Fully identical to testosterone. Those athletes who have predisposition to gyno should take Innovagen Pentanon 250 in combination with anti-estrogens. Such side effects of testosterone as oily skin, acne, hair loss, as well as hair growth on the face and body are also possible.

Innovagen Pentanon 250 reduces the natural production of testosterone, so after the cycle it is recommended to use clomiphene / tamoxifen, and gonadotropin (in high doses) to avoid recession results.

Use of 5 testosterone esters blend Innovagen Pentanon 250 during cycle:

Since Innovagen Pentanon 250 is a blend of esters, it is a cycle in itself. It is enough to administrate the drug in a dose of 300 mg per week or 600 mg to achieve very good results. Combinations with nandrolone and methandrostenolone- a classic combination for bulking will also be efficient. You may also use Turinabol and Stanozolol (Winstrol), Halotestin to increase the density and quality of the muscles. You can also add trenbolone to Innovagen Pentanon 250 for maximum muscle growth and strength. Basically Innovagen Pentanon 250 is good as a basis for many cycle. Limitations here are only your money and imagination.


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Customer Reviews

Personal Favorite Review by DD
My pet shark really likes test ace, but when he found out he could get a blend of both short and long acting esters he jumped right on it. Pinning everyday was starting to turn into a pain in the ass {no pun intended}, and this product completely negates that variable. I'm sure my pet shark will be ordering more. (Posted on 12/22/2019)
Love it Review by Bigtrev83
Great product. No pip. Literally feel it right after injection. Thanks! (Posted on 12/22/2019)
g2g Review by Jackson
This particular test was fine... I love innovagen products, but the rubber on these vials (& all the 5 ml inno vials) is definitely not medical grade quality. when you wipe the top with an iso wipe it will leave a black smudge on your wipe, & if you draw with a 23 gauge or larger after a few draws you can see little black rubber pieces get into the vial & your syringe. pinning small non biodegradable foreign objects is a no for me... I really like the innovagen selection, all the orals are great. i just wish they'd use a better rubber stopper. they're good products, but look closely at what's in your vial & what gets into your draw tube. use a small sharp to draw & you can mitigate this if you're patient... (Posted on 12/22/2019)

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