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Sorry - Phenotropil - Phenylpiracetam by Innovagen is no longer available.

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Innovagen Phenotropil

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  • Innovagen Phenotropil
  • Innovagen Phenotropil
  • Innovagen Phenotropil

Phenotropil - Phenylpiracetam by Innovagen

Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Phenylpiracetam

Pack: 50mg/50tabs


Innovagen Phenotropil (Phenylpiracetam) refers to the group of the nootropic drugs of mental enhancers and is prohibited as a doping drug by sports communities. At the beginning of the 80’s it was synthesized in Russia and is usually taken to enhance cognitive work in the brain.

This drug works as a kind of neuro protective medication with anxiolytic and anticonvulsant effect, and is capable of changing neurons in the mental reaction of the brain. Innovagen Phenotropil is efficient on motor responses and improves the individual’s mental and physical work.

It is considered that this medication aims at coping with problems astronauts can suffer from during the different steps of space flights. At the flight time, they should quickly react to physical and mental tasks and this is the reason why this medication was created to improve that capacity.

Nootropic medications are those which enhance the interactions between the neurons in the brain. Part of the problem that usual nootropic drugs face lies in the blood brain barrier overcoming that aims in defending of the brain from harmful compounds. It is considered that the combination of drug with the phenyl compound helps the medication to enter the brain locale. For people taking this medication in pre training times this capacity will help raise reaction time and exactness in performance.

The essential compounds in the medication include chiral center molecules in the carbon atom and also a blend of both r and s type enantiomers. The enantiomers have the same principle of action as an antidepressant and enhancer in chemical reactions in the brain and at the same time influencing the muscles.

The drug is absorbed quite quickly from the intestinal tract. However, it does not modify the body just exerts an effect on the brain. The medication is excreted with the urine and bile. The manufacturer claims the half-life of the drug is in the range of 3-5 hours, with the highest peak in blood achieved within one hour after intake so remember about it while pre training dosing.

Some researchers have proven that this medication may also exert a positive effect on healing times for stroke patients. The research showed that the recovery of memory and neurological function enhanced in comparison with results of control group.

Adverse effects may be of two types short and long, with the repeated intakes resulting in nervous exhaustion and emotional disorders.

Side effects of Innovagen Phenotropil use may include:

1. Insomnia (in case of evening intake of the drug)

2. Psychomotor agitation (especially at the beginning of the usage)

3. High blood pressure

4. Redness of the skin

5. Allergic reactions (if you are allergic to pyrrolidone derivatives)

Phenylpiracetam, is soluble in water and it is considered that this nootropic form is 30-60 times stronger than other medications known. There is also information that the drug enhances tolerance to the cold and increases stamina. This is one of the reasons why this drug is desired among bodybuilders and weight lifters.

For some people the drug is prescribed as a one that may improve mental and physical abilities. However, as with any other drug it is important to get all the information needed about the impacts on the body and cognitive abilities.

Some sport authorities and groups may not let this medication be taken during sporting competitions or even for workout purposes due to the fact that other sportsmen should get a fair chance in competition. Some people claim that this drug helped them in overcoming of fear and nervousness. As with all drugs used in the organism, get all the information about the effects and consequences of taking them.

It is recommended to take Innovagen Phenotropil at a dosage of 50mg per day.

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