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Synthroid T4 200mcg/90tabs

Brand: Abbot, Canada

Trade Name: Synthroid (T4)

Packing: 200mcg/90tabs


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Synthroid T4 200mcg/90tabs


Synthroid (Levothyroxine Sodium) is a synthetic thyroid hormone.

Synthroid converts to T3 the active and powerful thyroid hormone, the metabolic rate will be increased thereby causing fat loss to occur at a greater rate. You still have to diet. If you consume more calories than you burn you will not lose body fat.

Synthroid is also sometimes combined with the use of a beta-2 stimulant like Clenbuterol. This will dramatically increase the individual’s fat burning power. For even more of a bump Human Growth Hormone (HGH) might be added. This will turn the individual into nothing but a fat burning machine.

Possible side effects:

  •     headache;
  •     sleep problems (insomnia);
  •     feeling nervous or irritable;
  •     fever, hot flashes, sweating;
  •     pounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chest;
  •     changes in your menstrual periods; or
  •     appetite changes, weight changes.

Synthroid is taken orally regardless of the reason for use. For the purpose of treating hypothyroidism Synthroid doses will most commonly fall in the 100-150mcg per day range. They may be slightly higher for large individuals, but this will be determined after a period of use has passed. For the purpose of performance based fat loss, use will normally start around 50mcg per day and gradually increase as needed. With short-term use (approximately 6 weeks) the dose is increased 25mcg per day every 1-3 days until the maximum dose is reached. Doses rarely surpass 150-200mcg per day. For long-term use (approximately 12-16wks) the dose is increased 12.5-25mcg every 2-3 weeks as needed with the same 150-200mcg per day dose not being surpassed.


substance Levothyroxine Sodium


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