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Innovagen Boldeno Gel

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Innovagen Boldeno Gel

Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Boldenone

Strength: 20mg/g - 60g gelled serum



What is boldenone?

Boldonone is a synthetic steroid anabolic injection drug, derivative of the male hormone testosterone. It’s similar to methandrostenolone in terms of its structure.

Boldonone is often combined with other anabolic steroids such as testosterone propionate, trenbolone enanthate, stanozolol, parabolan and many others, in order to achieve the synergetic effect. On average, the length of boldonone cycle is 10-12 weeks.

Thanks to boldonone’s low aromatization and the ability to make your veins appears more visible, the drug is often taken during cutting phases. However, boldonone is much more effective when used in muscle mass building courses, as you can take advantage of the drug’s property to boost the appetite.

Steroid Profile

Androgenic index – 50;

Anabolic index – 100;

Estrogen activity – low;

Progestogenic activity – very low;

Semi-withdrawal period – 14 days;

Toxicity to the liver – none.

What are the benefits of Boldeno Gel?

First of all, you don’t need to do injections. It’s not very convenient to do injections and many fear to do injections by themselves. Meanwhile, going to nurses for every single injection is both expensive and not always convenient.

Another major advantage of Boldeno Gel is the fact that it has absolutely no toxic impact on the body and the liver in particular. The drug doesn’t have to enter the digestive system, it doesn’t get into the blood stream and it has no impact on the liver.

All you have to do is apply Boldeno Gel over the muscle areas with low body fat. For example, biceps, triceps and deltoids. Run thoroughly until product is fully absorbed. Using the gel over the fatty areas is not recommended because these areas have higher vascularization therefore its application insures the most optimal absorption directly into the muscle vs. if applied to fatty areas the gel must pass the skin and the fat to get to the muscle. If boldenone (and other hormone gels) do not make its way into the muscle their effect will be significantly diminished.

The gel is absorbed through the skin gradually, thus maintaining its prolonged, yet moderate effects. It prevents you from getting an overdose. The drug penetrates the muscles at small doses but over a span of long time. It positively affects the effectiveness of use of Boldeno Gel.


As mentioned above, Boldeno Gel overdose is practically impossible. And it’s all while the drug preserves all the qualities of boldenone as AAS.

How to use Boldeno Gel?

The gel needs to be applied to the clean and undamaged skin. It’s strictly prohibited to use the drug if you have irritations or cuts on the skin. It’s best to first cure the irritation of the skin and then start using the gel.


In order to achieve the maximum effectiveness of Boldeno Gel, apply it 3 times per day at a dose of 20mg. To achieve a moderate effect, it’s enough to apply the gel 2 times per day at a dose of 10-15mg.

Side Effects

If you use Boldeno Gel in above-mentioned dosage amounts, there will be no side effects. If you exceed the dosage, however, you may develop redness in the skin, irritation and rashes.

If you have developed moderate side effects, it’s enough to just decrease the dosage. If the side effects are more extreme than moderate, stop using the drug and consult your doctor.


Women are not recommended to apply Boldeno Gel. However, in rare cases, it is allowed to use the drug under a strict supervision of a doctor.

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